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Blackalloy precision drill units:
  • Are primarily used for small hole automated production drilling procedures, as well as reaming, tapping, chamfering. They can also be used in a variety of automated systems that utilize repetitive stroking and turning operations, such as winding, bottle-capping, pick & place, welding clean-up, and robotics, just to name a few.

  • Can be used to drill precision holes in a variety of material ranging from candle wax to steel. These include plastics, rubber, soft and hard woods, aluminum, brass and steel, as well as many others.

  • Can drill through single and multiple layers of material.

  • Can be used individually, in pairs, or "ganged." The basic unit has one spindle, which will drill one hole at a time. For drilling more than one hole at a time, and where distance between centers does not permit using a line-up of single spindle units, units can be coupled to multiple spindle heads. This will permit the drilling of multiple holes simultaneously, with distance between centers less than 2" in many cases.

  • Can be set up horizontally, vertically, opposing, in patterns, or at any angle.

  • Can be purchased separately, or with various accessories, or as part of a complete drilling system including pneumatic controls and motors. A pecking system is available for deep hole drilling. Units can also be used for automated tapping.

  • Are available with 1.5" to 8" strokes, and will drill holes up to 1" in diameter, depending on the type of material and the depth of the hole. Depth of hole can be accurately controlled.

  • Drill Unit Stroking is commonly achieved pneumatically, but hydraulic reciprocation is also an option. Rotation is commonly achieved by electric motor, but air motors are also available where applicable. Stroking and rotation rates can be precisely controlled.

  • Drill Unit Spindles are available with a variety of mounting configurations, which can then be matched to a number of different chuck types, to hold the drill bit.

    Note: If your application requires a multiple-spindle head, we will quote you accordingly. If your application can be achieved by using either single-spindle units or multiple head, we will quote you the most economical method.



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