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Blackalloy™ Self-Feeding Drill

The Blackalloy™ Self-Feeding Drill can be actuated with air or oil. A simple pneumatic, or hydraulic control system is required to achieve forward and reverse stroke control. This can be purchased separately from Blackalloy™.  Motor Options for Self-Feeding Drill The Blackalloy™ Self-Feeding Drill can be equipped with an electric (or air) motor to power rotation […]

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Drill Unit Components


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Hardness Scale & Conversions

Common Hardness Scales Brinell Hardness - Used for determining the hardness of metals. This hardness scale is often used for steel parts and comparative conversions between Brinell and Rockwell scales. The comparative scales are listed in the chart below. Rockwell Hardness - Probably the most familiar hardness measurement technique because of its' wide range. Useful […]

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Cutting Fluids

These are the cutting fluids recommended for use with Blackalloy cutting tools by workpiece material. Recommended Cutting Fluids for Turning Material Coolant Aluminum Kerosene Aluminum Alloy Kerosene & Lard Oil Tool Steel Sulphurized Mineral Oil High Carbon Stainless Copper Sulpho-Chlorinated Oil Malleable Cast Iron Dry or Soluble Oil Brass /Bronze Dry or Paraffin Oil Monel</font […]

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Tool Grinding

Grinding Blackalloy™ '525'™ Spitfire Tools Blackalloy™ tool compound '525'™ requires a grinding technique that is not difficult. Several easy precautions are necessary to prevent cracking and checking. Select the proper grinding wheel. The chart below shows our recommendations for grinding wheel selection. Operate the wheel in the recommended speed range. Use our simple cross reference […]

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Shop Applications
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Spitfire Speed/Feed Chart

Speeds & Feeds for Blackalloy™ Grade "525"™ Tools

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Hydraulic Feed Controls Explained

A sealed hydraulic feed control unit precisely regulates the feed rate of a self-feeding drill unit. The sealed hydraulic feed control cylinder has a single adjustable orifice through which all the hydraulic fluid must pass while the plunger rod moves smoothly at a constant rate throughout the entire stroke length. Features The hydraulic feed control […]

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